Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Attitude Adjustment

Boy, have I ever been in a funk lately. What is going on? Every single little thing is annoying me. Work is annoying me, friends are annoying me, American Airlines is annoying me. They have changed my flight to Hawaii 5 times since I booked it. Now, I have a lovely 5 hour layover on the way home. The original schedule was perfect - only an hour wait between flights. I do have to say the only reason I'm flying AA was that I had all those miles from my Aussie trip to use. It won't happen again, I assure you.

I really need to work on my attitude - people at work are picking up on it. I just want things done right, and it seems no one else wants to do them right. My mom has always said I'm a little salmon swimming upstream - that I need to go with the flow. But for example, if there's a process, you need to follow that process. If you need an exception to that process every time you do something, that is taking advantage, and it's wrong. And if everyone goes outside of the process, why is there a freakin' process? My dad also tells me that "life's not fair" - so then parents shouldn't raise their kids to play fair. If you want to train them for the real world, teach them to be ruthless and out for themselves. Otherwise, they're in for a world of hurt.

Like on the Amazing Race the other night, the Cho brothers fell behind in the race because they didn't butt in front of the taxi line of normal, everyday people waiting. But Alabama - rudely, I might add - made the queue mad and jumped the line. "Being polite sucks sometimes" said the Cho's - and they're right.


marina said...

You're right, Carmen: Being polite isn't always the most wonderful and delightful experience in one's life. However, I think sometimes we underestimate how much of an effect we have on others by our reactions to events around us. Things are tough right now, but keep your chin up! Focus on what you need to do it, and do it well!

As my dad always said (grin), "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Miranda said...

I dont think its just you, I think theres something in the air. I gt you with the airlines changing schedules all the time, it so frustrating.

Kukka-Maria said...

When I laugh, it's not at your misery. It's at your thought: "...parents shoudn't raise their kids to play fair."

Can you imagine kids' sporting events?

"Take her down, Kevin! I want to see some blood!"

"Break her little arm, Tiffany! It's not a good play unless someone is crying!"

Red said...

Time to go for a spinning class and release all that tension.

Who knows, maybe they'll change your flight again with a 24-hour stopover in Vegas, BABY!

Wystful1 said...

{{{Carmen}}} I was here just yesterday I think, wondering how you were feeling!!!---the Pooh/Flower blog entry was still on top.

Now I feel better knowing you're still with us. Funky, but still here!

(I like the reference to 'redneck' with keeping decorations up all year...it's a thought! Then, I wouldn't have to repack 'em. rofl)

When we went to Hawai'i, I think we had about an hour layover at LAX...and that actually wasn't enough time for us old duffers. We needed to go out in the smog-ladden air to smoke, and then the trams, when we came back in, to get to the terminal, wasn't anywhere in sight. It was rush, rush, rush!! So, a layover of many hours in LAX would be ideal for me....I could get pretty darn happy feeling in one of them thar' bars!!!

Again, glad to see you posting again. Just take one day at a time...you'll soon be chipper again, I'm sure.

Now, get out there and show us those butts and the silver platter. Around here gas went up 10 cents a gallon on election day---right as the polls closed!! Ironic?

Katherine said...

Hmpf! I am annoyed on your behalf! Airlines are ridiculous. It would be one thing to have a long layover on your way THERE, when you're all excited and don't care. But on the way back is just rude - you're tired and want to get the hell home. Asshats! So agree with you stop raising kids to play fair. No one else does anymore so they'll just be at a disadvantage.

Carmen said...

Wystful - oh, if only it was an LAX layover. It's a Dallas Ft. Worth layover. Ugh. :)

Red - Spinning? ha! Actually, the elliptical last night didn't help. Sigh.

Kukka - some parents do that already, don't they?

Marina - I guess that doing things good and right even when others aren't earns us something special. :)

Miranda - glad it's not just me!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a little like that too. Maybe it's the east coast? And it was only last Wednesday that I was so happy.

You could be the salmon swimming upstream, but be a big one, because the little ones get eaten by bears.
I did spinning last night - didn't help. It's a life metaphor for doing a lot of work and going nowhere.

Got room at work for a heavy bag?

Goofy Girl said...

I think it's cause Nov is a dreary month. It always affects me at least.

That stinks about your layover... long layovers are no fun :(

Renee said...

I think that parents already ARE teaching their kids to be rude and butt in line. At least I keep seeing both parents & kids jumping in front of us.
At the store I was waiting for a self check register and a lady walked right past me & the line there to stand behind a lady at a register to wait until she was finished. I hollered at her, but she pretended to not hear me. The nerve! Like she really couldn't wait 2 minutes for that jar of mayonaise!

I could use an attitude adjustment too. But lately everyone seems to want to jump on my last nerve.

Anonymous said...

I feel you, I've taken up residence in Funkytown myself.

And I always hated hearing, "Life's not fair." Then what's the point of trying to play fair?

Momma Bee said...

Oh, I know the feeling! It seems to be going around right now for some reason. I thought my funk was lifting yesterday, but today I feel back in it again. Yuck! Hope yours leaves you soon!

Bone said...

This is exactly why I don't plan anything too far in advance :)

Well, that and the commitment issues.

Anonymous said...

Well ... thanks for making me one of your "Peeps".

That's ludicrous!

Anonymous said...

... of course, I meant "ludicrous" in a good way - but I think you knew that! Reaching for a 'Spaceballs' reference.

As they say over on the "dark side" (MySpace) "thanks for the add".


kailani said...

A 5 hour layover? Yuck! Hope you at least have a laptop to keep you company! And yes, I agree that sometimes being polite sucks!

Melli said...

It's true... being polite does suck sometimes... but the world is SUCH a better place when people ARE! If I was running the Amazing Race - the Alabama team would have been PENALIZED for CHEATING by cutting the line! But ... that's probably why IIIII don't run these shows... no one would watch - cuz I would want them to "play fair" too!