Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Random Wednesday

The stupidity never ceases. Remember I told you I was "locked out" of the building at work because my security pass expired (with no notice, mind you)? Well, I turned in all my paperwork LAST TUESDAY to get it reinstated. But no one did anything about it. And this week, the "security chief" is on vacation. Is there no "security first officer" or something to work when the "chief" is out? Or maybe that's his American Indian name. That would make me "Princess-I-Don't-Care-Just-Give-Me-an-Effing-Security-Badge"

I started watching "Engineering an Empire" on the History Channel. This is fascinating stuff, people!! I've been to both Rome and Egypt, and I'm learning lots of stuff I didn't know! Next week is the episode on Greece, and since I plan to go there in the next year or so, I'm looking forward to that as well.

On another random note, it took Mr. Purdue years to figure out that us single people can't eat a whole pack of chicken breasts by ourselves in one sitting (once they sit in the fridge they taste different, and I'm morally opposed to eating frozen meat). So now they sell individually wrapped chicken breasts in a resealable bag (not sure why the bag is resealable, if they are individually wrapped, but whatever.) Plus, there is minimal chicken touching (I don't like touching raw chicken) so that helps me greatly. Why did it take them so long to think of this? I could've told them this YEARS ago, but then, no one listens to me.


Anonymous said...

There's a whole area of my local supermarket (which is REALLY local, since it's practically next-door) that I call the Single Aisle.

The Purdue pre-cooked chicken parts (how lazy can we be?), the tubs of pre-mashed potatoes and all the various and sundry "Ready to Serve" meats. It's a bachelor's paradise!

My moral opposition involves touching anything that remotely looks like the animal it was before we cut its head off - hence the attraction to the carved-up, pre-cooked chicken parts.

It's either that, or Long John Silver's; and there's only so much deep-fried fish I can tolerate.

Wystful1 said...

So....tell me, when you gonna get your 'effing' card anywhoo!?!!

Don't laugh, but if this were me, I'd walk out and make a day off for myself if I couldn't enter my work place....then it'll get noticed. They can't fire me, 'cause I have a legit statement with the papers being filed and all---it's on record. So for me, it'd be right to not show up!!! Give them a wake up call.

(I love to watch the History Channel myself when I find time)

Happy Wednesday sweet Carmen--------thanks for the wonderful compliment this morning.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity must be flavour of the month. Stupid people annoy me. Is it hard to be normal... really??

Anyways, hopefully the stupid security people will get your past to you asap. In the meantime, how are u getting in?? Or arent u?

Janet said...

Damn, girl, you must work in a high security place! Why the heck can't someone just escort you in and give you a temp badge?

Why are you morally opposed to eating frozen meat?

And when I first read the line "Engineering an Empire" I thought it said "Engineering a Vampire" and I was PISSED I missed it!

Melli said...

What I want to know is WHY, in all this time of being LOCKED OUT at work, someone from your office couldn't just come down and OPEN THE DOOR for you so that you could come IN to do your work -- since they OBVIOSLY know you still belong there? DUH!!! Is this a hard thing?

Awwww... my code word down below is hugto... so here's a (((hug))) to(o)!

Kukka-Maria said...

Wait...we're not supposed to eat an entire pack of chicken breasts by ourselves?


I mean, I totally don't, but a "friend" of mine does. "She" is a cat who, when given any opportunity to eat chicken, will consume her weight in meat in merely minutes.

I'll let my "friend" know what you've said. "She" will appreciate the news.

Anonymous said...

Seems odd someone would be in charge but I guess not everyone can be as smart as us. I can't stand to deal with chicken either. Hubby as to trim off all the "gag me" stuff before I'll consider cooking it. Yeah on the individual wrapped ones.

I hope you are enjoying your book. I get alot out of it every time I read it. :-)

Bone said...

It's about time they start marketing to the single people. We're not going away. Sadly.

I buy the half loaves of bread, but still don't usually eat half that. And the half gallons of milk. Usually if it gets close to expiration date time, I start eating lots of cereal.

Jim McKee said...

I don't eat frozen meat either... Hurts my teeth.

Oh, and by the way, soap washes off "raw meat cooties". It's a scientific fact. (Although they may NOT have used the term "raw meat cooties".)

mar said...

I hate to touch raw meat. Period. I am also thankful for individual packages because I am often cooking for just two. I don't need a party-size package, I can get 2 individual sizes, it is a lot better.
Happy wednesday :)

Renee said...

Security badges are such a joke. I had to go get my military ID done so that I could get our discount for Busch Gardens...and then they guy didn't even look at it. *eyeroll*

That's cool with the single serve chicken. I tried that flash frozen chicken so I could just pull out what we needed, but it tasted really funny and was tough...blech! So now I'm getting the thin cut chicken breasts... but I freeze them. But unlike Jim, I don't eat them frozen.

totally off topic...yesterday I made a beef pot roast in the slow cooker...came home to a house that smelled wonderful! But I couldn't eat it because DH came home late & I had a meeting to go to!!! Luckily there are leftovers.

Dorothy said...

What's the morally opposed frozen chicken thing. I've never heard of a moral reason for not eating frozen chicken. Is it even when I buy fresh in bulk (the only way I buy boneless/skinless) and freeze it myself individually wrapped?

Jenn said...

I hope they get the security badge thing sorted out soon. That is so annoying. I hope you're getting paid while all this is going on. Do these people realize you've got bills to pay?

Amy said...

where do you work? the fbi? the cia? the white house? don't people know you by now as the girl who doesn't have a badge? seriously? wow...i can't even believe it. although i work at home so i don't need no stinkin' badge. made me laugh with this post. i don't eat frozen meat either, i cook it first and THEN eat it....sheesh!

othur-me said...

Of course the resealable bag is in case you want to save all the yummy raw chicken juice to make dessert with! Duh!