Monday, June 19, 2006


No real post today. I've got a "case of the Mondays", to quote the annoying woman from Office Space. How long until Friday?????


mar said...

remember that song? tell me why ...I don't like mondays...!

Karen said...

TPS reports to do?

Anonymous said...

5 days, 5 LONG days.

darn it!

my hopes for a better Tuesday!

Christine said...

What was the name of that Bangles song..."It's just another Manic Monday!" Mine started off real bad too!

Anthony said...

Yeah, i know the feeling.

Nice pics of you and dad at UVA. There was a show about it on Discovery (i think) over the weekend. Lots of history of the architecture and the design by some guy named Jefferson (i think).

Beautiful campus.

shirley said...

Oof, now all I can picture is that woman's face!