Monday, May 01, 2006

You Tell the Story

Thought I'd try something this week. I'll leave this post up for 2 days to see if we can get some traction.

Here's the plan. I'm going to give you the beginning of a story. The first person here will write the next paragraph. The next person will look in comments and write the next paragraph picking up where the other commenter left off. Get it?

Send your friends over, and lets see what kind of story we can come up with!

Once upon a time, there was a 30-something princess who had grown weary waiting for her prince. She wondered if maybe he had gotten lost in the forrest, so she set out on an adventure to find him. She hadn't gotten far from the castle gates when she came across a beautiful bird trying to catch a worm for breakfast.

"Hello," she said to the bird.

"Good morning, Princess."

"I am on a search for my Prince Charming. Can you suggest a way to go within the forrest that might help me find him?"

"Well," the bird said, "You may want to . . . "

Ok, pick up the story!


Jillian said...

"Well," the bird said, "You may want to share my breakfast with me first."

"Why?" The princess grimaced at the thought of eating a worm for breakfast.

"I eat no ordinary worms," the bird said. "Watch."

The princess stood quietly and watched as the bird hopped about for a few seconds, cocked his golden head, and then dived into the earth with his beak. Up came a bright purple worm that sparkled in the dappled light of the forest.

"This is a Worm That Sees All," the bird said. "Allow me to share it with you, and your eyes will be open to every path and twist of the forest. You will surely find what you are seeking."

The princess sat down beside the bird and waited patiently while the bird sliced the unfortunate worm in half. I'm desperate enough for anything, she thought.

Taking the still-wriggling bit of worm between her thumb and finger, the princess opened her mouth, closed her eyes, and.....

(What fun!! Wendy directed me here.)

Sherri said...

The bird said, "You don't eat it!!"

"You don't?" said the princess.

"No," said the bird. "You carry it with you on your journey and it will guide you on the paths and twists of the forest. I'll even come along to interpret for you if you'd like."

"I'd like that," said the princess. "It will be good to have a friend along for the journey."

So the princess swept up the worm and she and the bird walked into the forest in the direction the worm was pointing.

They walked for a long time when they came upon a most curious sight...

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Plop down the hatch it went. The princess then gagged and gagged and fell into a deep sleep.

Upon awakening she noticed she had clearer vision then ever before. She noticed the bright blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun, the green of the leaves. She was happy..or wait maybe she was tripping???

Well, she figured if this is a trip she might as well enjoy it..and stepped off into the forest. On her way skipping through the forest she ran into...........

Beverly said... creative juices aren't flowing right now...You were above me at the last blog I visited, and the instructions were to visit you. So here I am.

Carmen said...

Ok, two people must've posted at once, so the next poster can pick which way the story should go, or maybe combine the two?

Up to you, it's your story!

Dariana said...

The princess blinked her beautiful blue-green eyes twice. Could she really be seeing what she thought she was?

Mr. worm had fallen asleep in her pocket so she woke him quickly saying, "Mr Worm take a look, have you ever saw such a wonderous site in all your life?"

Mr Worm wriggled around dusting the wrinkles of sleep from his curvy body and said, "Wow Princess, its the magical field of sunflowers." "I have heard of it often but never dreamed the day would come when I would actually see it."

"Magical sunflowers?" said the Princess. "What do you mean by MAGICAL Mr. Worm?" "Oh do tell me PLEASE."

So Mr. Worm craweled upon to a small rock at the base of the weeping willow tree nearby. He cleared his little throat and said, "Okay Princess, but only because you asked." "Legend has it that these sunflowers sway in the wind as if doing a dance." "See, you can see it from here, their slow movement."

"Anyway, it is the word from very wise men that if anyone is actually able to pick one of these beautiful flowers that he or she will........"

Otto K. said...

...a black-tailed lizard snatched the worm with his tongue and ate it one gulp. "Why did you do that?" cried the princess. The lizard replied "I hate know-it-all worms."

"But he was helping me find my prince charming!"

"Well, that's easy. All you have to do is..."

(Wendy directed me here today.)

Jillian said...

ROFL Otto...

I can't write, I'm laughing....

Dustin said...

so many blogs, so little time.

how does your highness keep up on all of those?

Dorothy said...

Go online at and post your profile. Sooner or later, the Prince will view your pic and instantly fall in love. He'll be bewitched by your plaidness, entranced by your plaidness. He won't be able to resist your plaidness. He'll be perfect in everyway,even telling you when you're a pain, the way a best friend would. You'll be entranced right back but then...

Carmen said...

Dustin: It's hard work being a princess with all this plaid. ;)

Dorothy. If I was mormon, that site would work for me. I was hoping to be only one of one wife. ;) I couldn't deal with the competition. I'm greedy like that. ha. But you're right, someone will see my plaidness, and be entranced. When will then be now?!

OK, story people. Back to it!

Sherri said...

(Wendy directed me here)

(and I'm not sure where to pick up the story, so I'll pick up from the internet part).

The princess said, "Oh no, I couldn't go onto an internet site."

And the lizard said, "Why not?"

The princess replied, "Well it just isn't done...I would be so embarrassed!"

"You won't be embarrassed," said the lizard. "It's the church social of the 21st century, come and I will show you..."

no_average_girl said...

" to find your prince charming!" said the lizard.

he leads her to a dazzling pond on the outskirts of this church social. oh wow, she thought, he's going to give me my pick of all the incredible guys here!

the lizard spoke again, "now, look among all the lily pads and find the frog of your choice."

"what?!?" frustration and humiliation was in her voice, "now listen, geico, you've got the wrong prince wasn't turned into a frog by some evil witch of the west....or wherever!"

with that she flees the scene of this dazzling pond and the lizard until she comes upon...

{this was great fun, girl! thanks for stopping by and leaving the encouragement! it has been a rough two months (incase you didn't see, i've lost both grandfathers and a great-grandmother in a month's time) and between trying to run my widowed grandmothers around and half-way keep up with my life, it's been totally crazy. now, i've got a court date to contend with on top of it all - for something i really had no control over. but that's life, i suppose, and it's got life lessons in it...if only i'll pay attention and learn them! again, thanks for the fun here!}

Dariana said...

lmao, I lost track of the story, evidently several are posting comments at the same time. Aw well, cute idea either way!