Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stupid People Suck

I wasn't feeling well yesterday (had a migraine) but went to the gym anyway because, well, I have to. Sigh. Afterwards, I REALLY wasn't feeling well, and just wanted to go home, take some medicine, and go to sleep. Sounds easy, right?

Um, no. The exterminators came to take care of a small bumblebee problem on my balcony and had to let themselves into my house. When they let themselves out of my house, they locked the bottom of two locks, for which, I do not have a key. Never mind that there's a big sign on the door that says DO NOT LOCK THE BOTTOM LOCK, because reading is so last season. So now, I can't get into my house to get the migraine medicine I so badly need, and there's still a bumblebee problem, because there's now a very ANGRY one hovering about looking at me and ready to bite.

An HOUR AND A HALF later, after much phone yelling, the maintenence guy comes to let me in. HIS key doesn't work either, which was the whole point of the SIGN ON THE DOOR, so he has to go get some "tools" and break me into my own house. Just in time to watch American Idol, and for my head to split into about 35 pieces.

There was one redeeming factor for the night. My friend Shana rolled into town (with no notice as men can not give advance notice for ANYTHING) and we ordered pizza and watched Idol and laughed and played guitar and had a nice time while my "happy" migraine medicine helped calm the throbbing.

UPDATE: STUPID PEOPLE SUCK PART DEUX - Went to have bloodwork done this morning. The rooms were marked as "Patient Rooms" with the appropriate brail marks for the sight impaired. But the signs were ABOVE THE DOORS. WTF? Only 6-foot tall blind people will know what rooms are what.


-R- said...

"reading is so last year" - Ha!

Sorry you had such a bad day. I hope your head feels better this morning.

Does your doctor only treat blind giants or what? So strange.

Janet ( said...

sorry about your migraine, the bee and getting locked out, but glad it ended happily :-)

Kelly said...

I don't have a high tolerance for stupid people either. Sorry about your day and your migraine.

I hope your better now and you don't run into any stupide more stupid people!

Red said...

Bummer about your migraine (and what sounds like a horrid day), but it all ended well, didn't it? I mean, Pizza and American Idol with a good friend... could life be sweeter?

Here in the UK we get Idol on Fridays, and by then I have normally found out on the Internet who goes that week... But it's still fun to watch!