Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Friday!

Don't read if you've haven't caught up on your TiVo for American Idol or Lost or the Amazing Race.

Lost is starting to get good. How many hatches are on this island, anyway? And can they watch Idol on those TVs? I read yesterday that the Michael/Walt story line would be resolved this season. Good, cuz it's getting a bit old.

Also, I'm going to stop watching American Idol. This is what I hated about the music business in Nashville when I lived there. The way someone looks has more influence than their talent. Come on people. Katherine sucked. S-u-c-k-e-d. She forgot the words for Pete's sake. Chris wasn't as good as Taylor, but he was better than Katherine. Seriously, I'm not going to watch next season. It's fixed. Either that, or America shouldn't be trusted to vote. (Of course, we could've seen that as a result of the last presidential election.)

Karma's a bitch on the Amazing Race. I never really understood why MoJo hated the hippies so much. But they're now on their way home, so it doesn't matter. Next week is the finale. Which puts it smack up against both Idol and Lost. There aren't enough TiVos in my house to cover all this.

I was just wondering. What the heck am I going to write about on Friday when the seasons are over in a few weeks? Any ideas?

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Karen said...

I didn't get Lost in until last night. finally - people talked to each other. how do you live for 45 days on an island & not share one personal tidbit about yourself, ever? so at least Eko & Locke said something personal-ish. it was a good episode-
my internet was sucky yesterday, so I didn't get to pay much 13.

Janet ( said...

ROFL about voting...

Bone said...

Yeah, but if looks count so much, how is Elliot getting thru? Ugh.

Red said...

Chris going home sucks. Boo hoo, hiss. I'm backing Taylor "Whoo!" Hicks all the way now.

But more shocking than American Idol is the fact that here in the UK we are sooo behind with The Amazing Race! The last series they showed here was series 7, the one with Rob and Amber (I couldn't believe their balls, going for another million dollars, BTW!).

TV in the States is so much better... :-(

mar said...

Well, I am asking myself the same question, although I don't get any of those shows around here :) Happy friday, Carmen!

Anthony said...

Well Carmen, it's so nice to see someone come around to my way of thinking! :)
A friend at work has also vowed not to watch next year, and I ran through my theory of the "AI Machine" to her and was not roundly rebuffed - as I am so accustomed.

The show has gotten ahead of itself, and I'm afraid it's not at all about talent.

"My Name Is Earl" is in reruns now, so you have a chance to catch up on some quality entertainment. Thursdays at 9, NBC.

Kelly said...

LOST is getting good! I to will be glad when the story line gets to the end of Walter and Michael. Can't wait for next week!

Christine said...

I'm glad Mojo's gone. I was getting tired of her crying and whining all the time! Happy Friday!

angela said...

You know, I only watch Amazing Race...and although I love it, I think sometimes that the editors show you what they want you to how awful MoJo was toward the end. And how Jeremy and Eric COULD be decent (when they left the shoes)...and how the hippies were not just happy go lucky (when their dislike for MoJo was shown and how petty they were toward them). Most of that stuff has swayed by view back and forth. I wish there was a way to see them all as they really are...At first I was for the Hippies, but now I am all about Ray and Yolanda...we'll see!

CarrieB said...

Hi, I'm french and here we are always late in the soaps seasons.
Lost, Medium, Alias, Nip/Tuck or even Desperate don't imagine your luck not to have to wait for a traduction.
We have our own American Idol (called "Nouvelle Star")that takes into account first the talent, more than physical considerations.
Excuse my poor english, especially on saturday night ;-)