Friday, April 07, 2006

TV Friday: Is Lost a Dream?

****Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you've haven't caught up on your TiVo for American Idol or Lost or the Amazing Race.

Hurley is one of my favorite characters on Lost and I'm glad we got one of his flashbacks this week. I love that he destroyed his food stash (though someone else might have appreciated a donation) and then he finds that Dharma's dropped a new load of food. Ha ha! Although the whole "Hurley had a dream" concept of why they're all on this crappy island is too easy. Nah, it's real. Well, more real than a dream in his head. Although Libby being a mental patient with him throws a kink in things. Every time we think we get an answer, we get more questions!

Sawyer remains my favorite character. He comes up with the best names to call people. And I love that Sawyer had a throwdown with Hurley. Too bad Sawyer's shirt didn't get ripped!

I am still dirt last in the American Idol pool. I should've picked Mandissa. She was the worst of the week, but I thought she was strong enough to have been forgiven her bad country singing. She was my pick for number 3, so I really don't think I have a chance of winning anymore. Which means I'll have to help take the winner out for SUSHI. yuck. I thought maybe Ace would go home, since he'd been in the bottom 3 for the last few weeks. And Bucky was still horrible. Are you people listening to the same singers I am? My ears bleed every week.

And then my very favorite reality show The Amazing Race wasn't on top of its form this week. It was kind of blah. However, I love the hippies and the frat boys, and how they're genuinely helping each other. The older couple is starting to annoy me, but please, someone, get Lake off this show! They need to let viewers vote a team off or something, cuz he is the sorriest excuse for a husband I've ever seen. He's always telling his wife she's wrong, but she's the whole reason they're still in it. Argh! And what are the two frat boys going to do with a cruise for 2 as a prize for their first place finish?

Comment fodder: Who do you think should win American Idol? Who's your favorite Amazing Racer? Do you have a Lost theory? I want to engender blog spirit here, folks.

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mar said...

I am first! and I don't even watch those shows because I am overseas, but we have an "American Idol" in almost each European country, I would say. Have a great weekend!

Mandi said...

Mandisa never should have gone home. Im with you thinking she would have been in the top 3. Now i think the top 3 is going to be Chris, the McFee chick (Katherine?) and Elliot. And Chris wont win. But thats ok. Just the pleasure of watching him brood week after week is enough for me :)

Katherine said...

I'm so tired of AI this year - it's the worst one yet. Why is Bucket still there? He cannot pronounce words when he sings! I was sorry to see Mandisa go but not surprised. This messed up world will allow a fat black man to be the winner but not a fat black woman even if she's great.

nyasha said...

Lisa is young but i thought she had great great potential. otherwise there is that McFee or McGhee (?) girl. anyhow, my ears bleed every week as well! LOL

*~Tey~* said...

I love Lost aswell. However being in Australia, I think we're waay behind. What season are you up to? Season 2 started up here in february. I love! Because I can brag to everyone that I know what's going to happen...hehe...

Mustang said...

Lost is something that me and some of my friends here in india are addicted to..we dont get to watch it on wednesday at 9, but after some kind soul has uploaded and ive downloaded it, i get to watch.. well, the part about lisa being in the same hospital where hurley was is indeed spooky..waiting for ep 19..

neat blog by the way !!