Monday, April 17, 2006

Tag, I'm It.

Oooh, it's my first ever tag. I'm not sure whether to be excited that someone cared enough to tag me, or be worried that now I have to tag. :) It's almost like one of those letters that you get, where you have to send it to 20 other people or else you'll die a horrific death.

At least Mary (who tagged me) didn't add the "or else" at the end of her tag, so I'm thinking I'll be excited. :) I also got tagged by Melli and Monique. Aren't I just the popular person to tag. :)

Now, I'm supposed to tell you weird things about myself. Me? Weird? Well, yeah, ok.

  1. I am addicted to romance. The idea of romance. Romance novels (not the trashy kind, I like to have a little story with my nookie.) I am a hopeful romantic.
  2. I secretly enjoy taking my car through the car wash. Something about the rainbow soap and not being able to see out of my windows and the sounds.
  3. I love to travel, but loathe flying. Actually, it's more the thought of crashing I don't like.
  4. I am afraid I'm turning into a big geek with the blogging thing. I don't want to end up an old maid with 30 cats because I spent all my time on the computer.
  5. I wish I could be rich. Not so I'd have money to spend, but so I could pursue the careers I want to pursue without having to worry that they pay little to nothing. Photography. Interior Design. Full-time writer. Alas, my mortgage calls.
  6. I am a completely different person in my car. I talk to people in other cars (mostly yell at them.) I sing with the radio (at the top of my lungs).

Hmm. Who to tag? Eeeney meeney miney moe.

  1. Does She or Doesn't She?
  2. Pink Chihuahua Princess
  3. Anthony
  4. Mustang WritezZ!!
  5. Dariana
  6. Fond of Snape

For those folks who are overjoyed at me for tagging them, leave your answers in my comments, and on your blogs if you'd like, and tag some other folks! Remember, the topic of discussion is weird things about yourself.

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Janet ( said...

I'm with you on #s 5 & 6! Mine'll be up soon, I promise :-)

Melli said...

I feel like I somehow "knew" all of these things about you - without actually knowing them, of course! But I definately had a "sense" about the last one! LOL! ( i think you're a LOT like my daughter... we really DO need to meet up!) I'm glad you had a good time with it! (secretly... I did too!)

Karen said...

oh, I'm honored! and, now I don't have to come up with a post today!

1. I'm afraid we'll be killed in a car accident- either Darin & I together, the whole family, or just one of us. sometimes it's strong enough I have to take a deep breath & get over it.

2. I've never used a lawnmower. ***X-rated alert*** I once told my husband I'd rather suck *&^% then mow the grass. Now I have grown up boys who mow, so my life is even easier!

3. I love to pack for a trip. I'll start making a list weeks before. of course, I hate to unpack.

4. I believe any book I read is real. I believe Louis & Lestat are probably a little pissed off about Hurricane Katrina, I believe Meg tesseract-ed to save her father, I believe 2 Sons of Adam & 2 Daughters of Eve rule Narnia. yes, it's all fiction, don't leave me snarky comments.

5. I LIKE being a computer geek- and I'm not even that geeky! altho, in my circle of friends, most wouldn't know what 'blog' meant.

6. In conversation around the house, I've found myself saying things like 'oh, Carmen said ______' or 'W.J. said _____________' or 'L.C. did _____' Should I be concerned?

7. I also talk to myself, sometimes even out loud. Darin will catch me. he laughs, I blush.

Denise said...

Don't you love being tagged? Thankfully, I already got tagged on this I'm free! hehehe

I like car washes, too. My kids...not so much.

Amy said...

haha...I tagged you too, but you already did it! Yes, you are popular!

Mustang said...

thank you so much for tagging me.. it feels great..
i love to talk to myself and analyse things while im riding.. as im wearing the helmet, its easier to hear yourself..


Anthony said...

Five Weird Things:

1 - If I don't start the day by reading the newspaper, I feel strangely dissatisfied with life.
2 - I have no problem eating alone, but will not go to the movies alone.
3 - I talk to my cat. Not weird. I think he talks back. Weird.
4 - When I turn off a song on the CD player or radio, it has to be done on the downbeat.
5 - I obsess over tire pressure.

Dariana said...

Hi ya woman! I love tags (sometimes, lol) I have not been online very much and did not even realize I had been tagged. My goof! So sorry! I read yours and loved it! Catch me next time, my schedule is not as busy so maybe I can get an update on my blog, lol.