Monday, April 10, 2006

More WTF? - Gas Edition

Um, yeah. "And that's all I have to say about that."

Photos from funny t-shirts, StarFM, and CNS News, respectively

Wonder how I found the images? Well, my blogging friend Dariana introduced me to Blingo. See, if you search, you could win. It's run by Google, so the search results are going to be good. I haven't won yet, but I forget to go there a lot. :)


You win. I win. And I LOVE winning. Join up people!

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Denise said...

No joke! I filled up today....2.61/gal! My debit card was shaking as I stuck it in the card reader....poor thing...he was terrified!

Tige said...

I like the ones that show "arm" "leg" etc. also.

Natsthename said...

OK, I did the Blingo thing.

And the gas drove by a station today that's raised the price 12 cents in a week. And away we GO!

Mustang said...

thanks for stopping by mine as well.. well, it sure is a drag to wait for a couple of days, get the link and then download it. but then after its been downloaded, its amazing to get lost for the next 45 min.. :)
have added you onto my blog list.. wil be checking quite often.. neat pics as well.. kudos.


Karen said...

Hi Carmen. gas...ugh. just wrote some irs checks... think I'll find the vodka!

TNChick said...

The gas prices are insane.

I signed up at Blingo but rarely remember to use it.

Janet ( said...

I won, since 3/7, on blingo: an iPod, a $10 iTunes gift cert and just today, a $200 visa gift cert! It totally works!

Anonymous said...

Blingo is very cool. I just found a similar site called SearchChips. Become my friend, it's free!