Friday, April 14, 2006

Kudos and TV Friday

First, I'm flattered that the folks over at the Thursday Thirteen hub chose Gone to Plaid: The Blog as the featured blog this week. Eh-hem. I'd like to thank God, for giving me this crazy brain that is always creating, I'd like to thank Mom and Dad for their unconditional love, I'd like to thank the Acadamy (just because everyone else does), I'd like to thank my blogging buddies for reading my drivel, and I'd like to thank you for not closing the brower window yet.

Now, on to TV Friday stuff.

Don't read if you've haven't caught up on your TiVo for American Idol or Lost or the Amazing Race.

Ok, Lost is getting to the point where the entire episode is crap, and then the last 5 minutes get good. This week, we flash back to Rose and Bernard. We learn the Bernard has control issues. We learn the island has not only healed Rose, but she knows that Locke was healed also. Interesting. Kate finally tells SOMEONE about the second hatch. I would've gone running back into camp yelling "I found a hatch with some costumes inside!" She waits a long time, then springs it on Jack. And the end (turn away if you're not watching) with Michael coming back. I thought it was Walt for a second. The best part of the show for me each week is the first few minutes, where we get to hear the scary music and see the blurry Lost image, and the last five minutes.

Dude, at this point, the folks in my American Idol pool should just give up and take the current leader out for his sushi so we can all be put out of our misery. Ace should've gone home. He was the worst. Simon said it best with "It was 'We Will Rock You' gently." Bucky sucks, don't get me wrong, but based on the performances Ace should've been in the hole. And McPhever, she just yells. I don't know why people think she's so good.

I nearly had a heart attack this week with the Amazing Race. My hippie boys nearly lost! I would've hat to cry. But instead the evil Lake and his way-to-patient-with-him wife lost. If my husband called me a bitch on national television, he would've been stun gunned instantly. Glad they're gone.

Comment fodder: Do any of you have Lost theories? What's the map that Locke drew?

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Karen said...

I also thought Lost was worthless- no surprises. I suppose we forget that time passes differently though, it's only been like 4 days since Kate found the other hatch. but I'll be sad when the season ends!

Kelly said...

I'm a LOST fan as well. Your right this weeks episode was worthless. I keep watching becuase I want to know where the writers are going to go with the show.

Mustang said...

well, interesting.. wil have to download the episode and then watch it...season 1 had everyone biting their fingers on what was happening and what was going to happen..season 2 lost its charm i guess.
thanks for the heads up... and congrats on the thursday thirteen...
enjoy ure weekend..cheers

Shelli said...

I forgot to tell you congrats on the Kudos from the TT execs!;)