Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Rocks!

Wow! Over 100 linkies yesterday, and all from actual 13rs. I'm shocked. You love me. You really love me! Which helped make me it to flappy bird. I'm a flappy bird! (what comes after flappy bird on TTLB Ecosystem?)

Don't read if you've haven't caught up on your TiVo for American Idol or Lost or the Amazing Race.

Lost clip show. Thhhhbbbbbt.

I earned 10 points in myAmerican Idol pool, as I picked as three of the four in the top 5 were picked by me to be there. Of course, the leader has 45 points. Evil man that he his. I thought Kat was awful, but then I've never liked her. But I'm glad Pickler went home. The stupid act was getting on my nerves. And could someone check Paula's Coke glass?

Surprisingly, I got emotional over this week's Amazing Race. I mean, Fran and Barry got on my nerves (ewww, and even talked about their sex lives this week.) But I did get tear-y when they left. I'm just glad my boys are still in the race. And MoJo is my next choice for teams to go home. She's so much like everything I hate about blonde stereotypes, except with her it's real. Ick.

And I'm throwing in another show this week. Deal or No Deal. I am addicted, and so enjoy Howie Mandell. Maybe even a crush. Aaack. Some record breaking offers this week - $420,000. Wow. I'm yelling on the couch "Deal, you idiot!"

I'm meeting friends for lunch and a little pampering (pedicures) this weekend. It took us forever to work out the details. The two project managers of the group had to take over and create a project plan. Ha. I hope you guys have a great weekend, too.

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Mustang said...

you too have a great weekend.. im riding out with my lil birdie this weekend...


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Have fun with the girls this weekend!

Kimmy said...

I knew right where to come for my American Idol and Amazing Race info... I am so glad Kelly's gone. I thought it was Chris. I just saw a clip of him singing Wednesday on a news channel and thought he was gone. Buhbye fake dumb blonde!
Have a great weekend...

Tanya said...

Wow - all those TT comments! I tried one time to get as many comments as I could. But it's SO exhausting. Now I just take what I can get.

Hope your weekend is fantastic.

Anthony said...

I got hooked on 'Deal' early, but have kind of soured on it lately - to the extent of forgetting it is on!

Always liked Howie, though not in YOUR way, and I'm glad to see that he's been funnier lately. Early, he seemed to be taking himself and the show a bit too seriously.

But, how serious is a show that gives away money AND a pony?

WendyWings said...

Have a fantastic weekend :)

Anthony said...

Sorry to have to rant on your show, but as happened in The Exorcist, The Power of Christ compelled me.

Don't fight the feeling.