Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Freakin' Out

As you can all see above from my ticker, I leave for my trip to Egypt soon. All was quiet on the Egypt front, and now last week there was some violence in Alexandria (not going there) and just yesterday an explosion in Dahab (not going there either.) I got on the phone with the travel agent that booked this trip for us, and she tells me of bomb-sniffing dogs, and radar around the peninsula. She says that the hotel where we are staying is harder to get into than Fort Knox. Let us only hope.

I've also been working on putting together a "cheat sheet" of Arabic phrases, so we can make an attempt at fitting in a bit more. I've got the basics: hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. What I don't have are key phrases like "get this spitty camel away from me" and "damn it's hot" and "walk like an egyptian". Any help would be appreciated.

In other travel-related news, those of my blogger friends who are in Australia, check in and let me know if you're ok after Monica hits. They're calling it a "perfect storm." Be thankful you're not depending on the US government to help out afterwards and build you some levys. ;)



Kelly said...

I heard about the bombings over in Egypt this morning while getting ready for work. I wish you luck on your travels over there. You have to be excited! I know I would be. Well, excited and worried, but you guys should be fine.

You should really learn to say "get this spitty camel away from me". lol!

Karen said...

I was thinking about you today as I read the paper. I assume you're doing the 'grand tour' part of egypt- pyramids & such.

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!!!

Carmen said...

Yep, we'll be doing the grand tour. Pyramids, sphinx, museum, markets, mosques (though I'm a little worried about this one. I'm assured that unlike Iraq, the mosques won't be a target), and a day trip to Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings.

Kimmy said...

You're right... at least they don't have FEMA to "help" them out!
(Praying for a safe trip for you!)

Dariana said...

I post arrticles at Care2 News and I thought of you immediately when I saw this about Egypt. I have travelled extensively into foreign countries, but right now, you couldn't get me off US soil for a million bucks.

Sorry so late in getting by but I had a terror over the weekend involving my son in Iraq. Read about it at my blog.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much. You are much more likely to get killed in a car accident than a terrorist attack. Making everyone scared is exactly what terrorists want. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't play it safe, but don't let it stop you from enjoying a beautiful country (I lived there for over a year). The Dahab bedouins are poor enough and they depend on your tourism.

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, I dont really know what to say. If I shall wish that you can go there or not. Tricky situation indeed!

Wystful1 said...

Yes, when I heard that on the news last night, I thought of you because I remembered your 'countdown' to Egypt.

It would be scary for me too. Just keep every digit and anything else crossed for luck, and pray.

Oh, and I thank you for dropping by, and read your comment and thought about the gas prices!! Hmmmmmmmm, you are SO right!! So right. Gotta go and point that out to my hubby too, so we can b*itch more!! roflmao

Anthony said...

Here's a link to some common Arabic phrases, and even a Real Player function so you can hear them.


Try not to worry. You'll be in the highly public (eg Tourist) locations, so perhaps politically, you won't be seen as a problem. Besides, we cannot worry about things which are out of our control. Enjoy your trip.

Black Eyed Gurl said...

Carmen: I have been to Egypt. It's amazing, and the level of security for where you will most likely be is OBSCENE!! Do not, I repeat do not freak out or worry about this. Please I urge you to email me with any questions or concerns. I can also offer you a few tips to make your trip easier. blackeyedgurl at hotmail.com I loved my time in Egypt, and would love to offer you some time saving tips and ways to adjust faster.

Mustang said...

im sure that things will go well.. nothing to worry.. this adds up to the enjoyment of the trip.. have fun

God Bless