Friday, June 30, 2006


I stole this from Janet's blog, because she's so smart. :) Based on the new movie Click, what would your remote buttons say?

Check out her answers on her blog, and mine are here. Play if you'd like. :)

Mute: Stupid people
Play: Vacation
Delete: Pounds
Pause: My aging process
FF: workout
Slo-Mo: Weekends
Skip: Work

PS: After you play and comment, head over to Wendys to play in her casting call.


Lisa said...

Haven't seen the move Click...and these are the best remove buttons I can come up with at this time of night lol

Mute: Politicians
Play: Hooky from work
Delete: Pounds (I can't dispute your answer!)
Pause: my hair greying *sigh*
FF: winter
Slo-Mo: sleeping in
Skip: taxes

Wendy directed me here today!

(yeah, I was late too lol)

Wystful1 said...

How cute! (Thanks for dropping by my Friday Feast too)...I'm gonna have to do this soon. Hopefully tomorrow sometime.

Happy day Carmen!!

Otto K. said...

Oh, yeah. Skip: work. That I really like. :-)

Wendy directed me here today.

Bob-kat said...

Hi, that remote thing is great. Here's mine:
Mute: boring people
Play: Travelling to new places
Delete: That spare tyre around my middle
Pause: My work deadlines!
FF: my treatment
Slo-mo: Any time spent with someone special
Skip: Hang overs!

Wendy sent me btw.

Melli said...

Oh my... I missed SOMEthing in the translation! I'll have to go check out the rules for this one! ;)

Good luck with the Casting Call! (but you knOw I've got it wrapped up - right?) LOL!

Oh yes! Wendy DID direct me here today!

Ruth said...

Hah, I like the Delete:Pounds... that is what I am trying to do!!

Here from Wendy's today!!

mar said...

I was here earlier and then got distracted and went to Janet's! I know how it is, lol.
Delete: pounds, pounds! I can live with the wrinkles but hate those couple extra pounds!
have a great friday!!!

Blog-o-licious said...

HI via Wendy's. SOOOOO extra glad to have a long weekend. Sorry to hear about all the rain...not here though, it's beyond lovely.
MUTE is definitley stupid people

Melli said...

Oh you ARE a tricky Carmen! I tried to post a comment to your Photo Blog but it won't LET me! I'll post it here instead....

Oh these are just GORGEOUS! Long time since you've updated though...huh? What's up with that???? Oh... I know... you haven't BEEN anywhere lately! lol! Silly girl!

I bet you can guess that Wendy directed me here today! ;)

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Hi Carmen!

"Wendy directed me here today"... but I guess you know that :). I'll take in consideration your male suggestion. If you want to know why I post females mostly, go read the interview Sparkling Diamond made. I see you also know Janet! Isn't the world small?? hehe.

Have a great weekend.

Dorothy said...

Love this. I think I'll play on my blog. Totally love the mute stupid people thing though. Hoorahhhh.

MysteriousLady said...

Mine would say Pause: My aging process.

Menopause brings major brain "pauses" I have found.

Wendy sent me.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Hey girl. I hope that you're having a fun and dry day!

Bone said...

Mute: Rush Limbaugh (and the like)
Play: Football season (Roll Tide!)
Delete: Unsolicited phone calls
Pause: Weekends
FF: To payday
Slo-Mo: Nap time
Skip: Work

Happy0303 said...

Never heard of Click but this game is fun!

Mute: my neighbor's dog
Play: baking cookies
Delete: greying hair
Pause: my baby's growth
FF: summer . . . too hot!
Slo Mo: massages
Skip: birthdays

Anonymous said...

awesome buttons for a clicker. Love your blog and thanks for the visit to mine :)

Killired said...

i played too! kailani posted about it on all blog stars blog and since she linked you, i linked you up too! come check out mine!

ribbiticus said...

cool! love the last pic most of all. did he fit? lol! mine's up! ;)

Wystful1 said...


Just comin' back to let you know I did the 'remote' game if you'd like to come over and click a few of my buttons!!!